Marjolijn Jaarsma

Senior statistical researcher and spokesperson at Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Drs. Marjolijn Jaarsma studied Economics (Algemene Economie) at Maastricht University, where she became familiar with, and enthusiastic about international trade. Her master thesis focused on the consequences of globalisation for the Dutch economy; at the time a fairly new phenomenon for Statistics Netherlands (CBS), where she then worked as an intern. Fifteen years later, she is senior researcher and project leader in a group of highly educated academics, dedicated to studying and interpreting this phenomenon. She has given presentations for ministers, national and international policy makers and academics, and has participated in Eurostat and OECD working groups on statistical quality and publications. As senior researcher and project leader she contributes to the CBS Globalisation Research and Publication agenda. She is (co-)editor-in-chief of several CBS-publications such as the Internationalisation Monitor and Dutch Trade in Facts and Figures.

As a spokesperson for Statistics Netherlands, Marjolijn provides researchers, journalists, reporters and the general public with relevant information and data on topics such as international trade and  transport, enterprise demography, retail trade and mobility. She also gave press conferences and live television interviews on various topics.