PLAEX Technologies B.V. creates smart recycling bins that automatically sort waste. We also create waste detection devices that provides insights on the quantity and type of waste being thrown away. We primarily focus on innovating new technology in the area of sustainability. The vision of PLAEX is to be the solution for environmentally sustainable technologies where we begin with separation at the source, increasing recycling rates and reducing landfilled residual waste. We intend to branch into other sustainability industries including renewable energies. With an undying passion and vision, we believe in using innovative technology to create and contribute to a cleaner and more circular world, no matter what.


Born in St. Maarten (Dutch part) and grew up being bothered by the sustainability problems on the island; particularly with the landfill & electricity generation system. This was motivation to go to Europe to study technology with the goal of a masters in a field of sustainability. As the co-founder, executive & tech lead, he deals with the overarching details of the business and manages its operations and members, as well as leading the technological development of the bin. While following a double MSc. Degree in Energy for Smart Cities with an attained partial scholarship from InnoEnergy, he fell ill with cancer and even while in the hospital kept the vision and motivation and maintained productive output as much as possible. Now a cancer survivor, dedicates himself full time to the startup with an even greater passion for pushing the vision further. 


Victor was born in Lagos, Nigeria, a megacity that experiences annual floods, which are often exacerbated by a less than optimal waste management chain. These are some realities that Victor is seeking to someday see change, and to be part of that change, and it all begins with respecting our planet enough to use its resources with the goal or putting them back in use after use. This is his drive for Co-founding PLAEX. Victor contributes to product design and innovation, supply & production processes, legal and strategic documentation.  He graduated First Class BSc. Psychology, Lead City University and Cum laude of his MSc. Psychology, from the University of Twente. Through his product management background and various other entrepreneurial endeavors, has 1000x his net worth and has only begun.