Rug Ventures start-up pitch

Start up pitch

Each year during the Conference Day we have a start-up pitch element in our program. During this event young entrepreneurs get the chance to pitch their innovating ideas in front of a large audience. The winner will be picked by the audience and will win an amount of money in collaboration with multiple partners. This way we want to stimulate entrepreneurship among students. 

We have a couple of requirements for the start-ups registering for the event. First of all, the start-up needs to be founded by someone who was studying at the time and cannot exist longer than 5 years. We aim to recruit a good variety of start-ups as our main focus is to ensure that the quality of the pitches is up to standard. Eventually, from these start-ups 3 will be chosen to do their pitch during the Conference Day. They have to present a pitch of maximum 2 minutes with the help of a visual presentation. These 3 pitches will be given in a row, with the guidance of the chairman of the day.

Start-ups EBF Conference 2021