Business Generator

Scientific research at the basis of societal innovations

With their scientific knowledge, researchers increasingly form the start of societal innovations. Innovations that improve our daily life and help society to move forward. However, promising research has a long way to go before it successfully reaches the market. Business Generator Groningen supports researchers from the University of Groningen and the UMCG in this process and, together with the researcher, takes the steps necessary to create societal impact. Together with our partners in the Northern innovation ecosystem we contribute to the ultimate success of entrepreneurs in our region.

The innovation ecosystem as a catalyst for success

The success of an academic start-up is difficult to predict, but with our many years of experience we know the ingredients that contribute to a successful formula. And more importantly; by participating in an ecosystem in which promising research/ideas are given the space to grow into a groundbreaking innovation, we can facilitate the conditions for success. That is why the Business Generator Groningen supports the EBF start-up pitch 2021 and we are happy to participate in the jury.


We are curious about your ideas and look forward to meeting you at the pre-event and the Conference!