Rug Ventures

Years of experience with scientific background

RUG Ventures has contributed to the valorization of scientific knowledge starting in 1996 and has since then helped more than 80 researchers turn their brilliant idea into a flourishing business. Our close connection to the University of Groningen and the great expertise of our team additionally mean we are experts in the field of scientific knowledge. 

Guidance from the very first step onwards

Our involvement does not end if we give you an investment. From the moment you first walk into our office until the moment you are able to continue growing your business independently, we are here to steer you into the right direction and help you complete your milestones.

Empowering early-stage startups through collaboration

Our close involvement, however, does not mean we will make your decisions for you. Our goal is to guide you towards autonomy and independence. After the investment, we will take the role of an advisor and shareholder. Through collaboration and teamwork, our final goal is to guide you towards a successful exit.

An extensive and reliable network

We have very strong connections both within and outside the university. We therefore not only know where you as a researcher are coming from, but we also know the business market where your startup will be heading towards. This means we form the perfect bridge between research and business. We are also in close collaboration with other investment companies and can therefore support you in looking for additional funding.

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