Edith Bosch

Edith is a former athlete in judo. She participated in 4 Olympic Games and won 3 Olympic Medals. Always striving to be the best in everything and perform 100% all the time. Which at one point forced her to stop and take a closer look at life.. She found out that there can be a big difference between behaviour (that what we do) and who we are (our essence is the way we look at and think about ourselves which determines a big part of our behaviour) 

Using her expertise as a former top athlete and her interest in behavioural science Edith is co-owner of a company called AYWE which provides a diversity of services as leadership programs, coaching, education for people who want to be a coach and companies who need help in changing processes.  AYWE is working to contribute to a bigger picture in making the world a better place for everybody. 

Based in London, Kimberley is the anchor of World News on Sky News. She is experienced in rolling international news with excellent news judgement and on-screen presence and is an adept interviewer, able to engage politicians, experts, analysts and celebrities alike.

Looking at this year’s theme, The Challenge of Change, Edith is going to invite you to look at things differently.  In her 10 years of experience she notices that most people are working hard to be happy, finding a solution or a tool to “fix” challenges. In every experience lies potential to grow when you are willing to give it attention. The solution is already there within you waiting for you to become aware of it.  Do you have an open mind? Are you willing to challenge yourself in everything that you think is true? Because if you do… This can be a moment when you take a big step towards your goals and dreams. Challenge yourself to change. See you there!