Fadoua Alaoui

Fadoua was born and raised in Holland, but with a Moroccan father and a Dutch mother, she got in contact with different cultures at an early age. After a short period at University she felt restless and wanted to experience the world. Her work as a cabin attendant for KLM, provided in that need. Because of her ‘difficult to box’ appearance, her background and communication skills, she easily connects with people of different cultures and feels at home in many different places.

Her knowledge of six different languages adds to this. She has lived in Spain, Austria and France and most recently, on Curaçao in the Caribbean. There she discovered her skills as a t.v.- host, working for a newly established local television channel, that focuses on education, information and empowerment. She presented a daily morning show, where she could use all her experience of life and enjoy an intensive on the job training and learning the aspects of presenting on live television.

Beside that, she did a vast amount of the editorial work. Since returning to the Netherlands, Fadoua has continued her passion for presenting by moderating all type of events, both for studio-setting programs, as well as for large events. She is an “allrounder” with a broad field of interest and knowledge, but always eager to learn more!