Jeroen Elkhuizen

From his student room Jeroen Elkhuizen started in 2006. Together with Jeroen Doorenbos, he anticipated on the emerging telecom market, in between studying law and philosophy.

As of 2008, they continued with Belsimpel: with the intention to improve and simplify this market for the phone user. Helping the customer as if it is your own family, that's the idea! This ambition has grown into the largest telecom company in the Netherlands, with a turnover of 400 million per year. It didn't stop there, now Belsimpel continues as Gomibo throughout Europe, and they have developed two spin-offs; Verifai and Tulip Assist. From a small office in their shared student house, Jeroen & Jeroen have now moved to a large building on the Grote Markt, where you can look out over the whole city from the roof terrace. From filming commercials, developing systems, to shipping your ordered phone; at Belsimpel they prefer to do everything themselves under one roof. There, Jeroen & Jeroen work together with more than 600 driven colleagues, of which many are Groningen students. Within the company, there is a fanatical, but also fun working atmosphere: Jeroen & Jeroen are also present on the work floor and at the many outings and drinks!