Mansi Jasuja

Mansi feels fortunate to have lived an unconventional story bringing her from being an architect in India to a practitioner designing & hosting meaningful conversations, processes and a co-founder of Conscious Business in Europe.

She offers a deep connection to life with humour, stories, yoga, creative inspirations, hugs, some madness & a lot of colourful energy. Mansi can be considered a cross-pollinating generalist who has interdisciplinary work experience in several international organisations & across various sectors. In 2008, a growing sense of climate urgency led her to re-orient herself & step off the conveyer belt of "success & safety". In the last decade, she has been strongly purpose driven and focuses on facilitating participatory leadership, DEI & empowerment through building capacities, skills & communities. Having grown up with strong family/cultural values around justice, equality and being in service (sewa), she tries her best to embody these values in her way of being.

Some of the "turbans" she wears in her life are: Network & community weaver, Humanist, Host-Facilitator, Sense-maker, Mentor, Mother, Speaker-Storyteller, Systems Rebel, Yogi, Dendrophile.