Onno Rip

A long time ago when studying, Onno’s mind was solely on playing baseball and making the Dutch National Team. An encounter with an opponent during a game created a business opportunity that turned out to be career altering.

Joining Footlocker at its infant stage in Europe, Onno helped growing the European outfit of the worldwide chain to 600 stores in approximately 15 years. Leaving Footlocker as Sr VP in 2004 created a cross-over career into telecom. Moving to the Dutch operator Orange as VP Consumer Sales, created a new career within a new and fast growing industry that just started to grow out of its infant stages.

Sport kept calling and in 2008 Onno moved to Adidas , one of the two major sports giants in the world. Overseeing the sales of the Reebok brand in EMEA and a few years later moving to Germany to oversee sales for the Adidas brand in Western Europe.

A personal health set back made him return to Holland in mid-2012 to take a time out and take care of his family. With the health situation improving, T-Mobile came knocking on his door in early 2013. Now almost 10 years later, Onno is overseeing all Consumer and Small Business sales for T-Mobile, T-Mobile Thuis, Tele2, Ben and Simpel brands in all of the 5 different distribution channels available in the Netherlands.