Paul de Jong

Paul leads the overall IKEA Netherlands business and has more than 6.000 co-workers. His main responsibilities are to manage the global IKEA transformation and ensuring the continued growth of IKEA Netherlands. An important focus is to provide services that contribute to customer convenience so that even more people can shop at IKEA whenever and wherever they want.

Besides new services to serve as many customers as possible, IKEA's ambition to become fully circular by 2030 is one of its main focuses. An ambition towards which we are working based on concrete interim achievements. For example, IKEA launched a return and recycling service for mattresses. Upon delivery, the company takes them back in exchange for payment. In the Netherlands, consumers are saving one to two million mattresses from incineration. In addition, earlier this year the vegetable Swedish ball was launched, and Amsterdam became the first municipality where IKEA drives fully electric.

Paul de Jong has worked at IKEA since 2009. Through various management positions within IKEA Germany, he joined IKEA France in April 2016, where he started as Deputy Retail Manager. Since April 2019, Paul is Country Manager & CSO in his motherland: the Netherlands.