Suzanne Bollen

Suzanne Bollen is an independent chair who has over 20 years of experience in moderating and process supervision.

She has a degree in language and literature science from Tilburg University and has run her own company providing moderation, discussion facilitation and process supervision services since 2016. Her clients include government ministries, municipalities, educational institutions, energy companies, pension funds and police forces. Before she set up her company, she worked for a large Dutch bank as senior communication advisor and project manager.

Suzanne always strives to be attentive, lively and perceptive when moderating. She believes it is important for participants to feel that their voices are heard, and that clients are delighted with her work. To achieve this, she works closely with them to establish the design and purpose of their event. Suzanne listens carefully and shows genuine interest, so that the audience feels at ease and remains involved. She also helps the less confident participants and speakers to share their views and express their opinions by phrasing her questions carefully and perceptively. She is looking forward to leading the EBF conference on 7 October 2022 with a lively sense of humour and an open mind.

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