Start-up pitch

Start up pitch

Each year during the Conference Day we have a start-up pitch element in our program. During this event young entrepreneurs get the chance to pitch their innovating ideas in front of a large audience. The winner will be picked by the audience and will win an amount of money in collaboration with multiple partners. This way we want to stimulate entrepreneurship among students. 

Finalists of the Start-up Pitch 2019

Carbon Clarity

Carbon Clarity provides clarity to your carbon emissions.
At Carbon Clarity, we partner up with retailers, event organisers, and providers of service to empower them with Clarity on Carbon. With our service, we provide our partners with insights in the carbon footprint of their activities, products, and events and compensate their share of emissions through investments in renewable energy projects in developing countries. At the same time, we give our partner's customers the unique opportunity, at checkout, to compensate for the exact carbon footprint of the product, service or event ticket that they purchase. In this way, Carbon Clarity internalizes sustainability in both businesses and consumer behaviour by using the power of business as a force for good!

Hops & Grains: The Personal Brewing Company

We are a beer brewery that turns the world of brewing upside down, as we hand total control over the beers we brew back to our customers. In our web shop, our customers can mix over 35 ingredients into any beer recipe they want, after which the beers are brewed professionally in our own brewery. Will you brew a hazy IPA, honey-infused Stout, ginger-Tripel or stick with a more traditional style? Our recipe mixer will guide you to a tasty beer with plenty of customization options! Also design your own label to make your beer extra special for your friends, family, colleagues, or your own customers. With order sizes of only one crate or more, our service is accessible to anyone! We deliver anywhere in the Netherlands and have big plans for extra features on our website, including recipe rating & sharing and trading beers with other customers. In the near future we’re looking to add extra kettles and advanced lagering systems to our current setup to increase our productivity and further improve the quality of our products. Join us in the second craft beer revolution at!


Need a new bike? LegalBikes saves used bikes from the waste. A good bike for a fair price.

In a country with more bikes than people we're striving to re-cycle as many bikes as possible. Now there are thousands of bikes in bike depots around The Netherlands gathering rust, while we buy 1 million new bikes every year. By refurbishing these bikes, we offer a sustainable way to improve city mobility and reduce global emissions in the process.

We also made buying a refurbished bike easier than ever before. With our unique mobile friendly platform, buying a bike is only a matter of minutes. LegalBikes are placed around the city and locked with a combination lock. You'll receive the code of the lock, you pick up your refurbished bike whenever you want and be on your way!

The bike is yours. No hidden costs and no monthly fees. Just a one-time-only price starting at €69,- is all it takes to choose for sustainability.

Stop wasting, Re-cycle.

Partners Start-up Pitch 2019