Discover Your Hidden Innovation

The ever-changing future requires organisations to anticipate the future in order to survive and reach their potential. By anticipating the future, new trends can be recognised and strategies can be developed to respond to the upcoming trend or a(n) (upcoming) crisis. A crisis can be seen as an opportunity, as it can create a competitive advantage if it is well responded to. However, it can also develop a weakness when the organisation cannot adjust in the right way. It forces organisations to decide and react quickly, which results in new ideas that would not be executed without a crisis. Organisations are forced to execute ideas to react to the crisis and benefit from potential opportunities arising in difficult times. It shows that the real complexity of innovation is not always caused by a lack of ideas, but sometimes by a lack of noticing and selecting the best idea. How can crises lead to new ideas/opportunities? And how can the organisation create an environment where ideas and innovation reach their maximum potential?