Innovative minds within corporates

In order to attain positive change and stay flexible in the interconnected world, innovation is crucial to compete with international firms. Companies must continuously adapt to the dynamic international environment in order to keep growing, and intrapreneurs have the ability to stimulate this. Intrapreneurship refers to the ability to behave and act like an entrepreneur within a large corporation. Intrapreneurs have the freedom to create new things with the resources of the larger firm, driving innovation and improving products and services. With their creativity and skills they can take risks within the safety of the existing company and launch new ideas and projects. Therefore, intrapreneurs can be considered employees and managers at the same time. Organisational learning can be induced by this connection between intrapreneurs and corporates. However, intrapreneurship also carries the risk that conflicts of interest will arise. What will happen when goals of the corporation and the internal startup do not correspond? How can this unique way of collaboration within the corporation be managed best? And what is the role of intrapreneurship in our interconnected society?