Man vs. Machine

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more  prevalent in our daily lives. From products being  recommended to us that we did not even know we  wanted, to optimising entire supply chains. The use  of AI enhances our lives through increased efficiency,  predicting the future and making the best possible  decision. However, AI is not the be all and end all solution  to every problem. While algorithms can even predict the  occurrence of diseases such as cancer, the question must  be asked whether or not we should trust companies with  sensitive data like medical records. Industry leaders like  Google and Microsoft provide great services powered by  AI to everyone, but they are not without criticism on how  they handle issues regarding privacy. Increased reliance  on AI has caused managers to increasingly delegate their  decisions to computers, which erodes their capacity for  critical judgement. Both humans and computers have their  own strengths and weaknesses. People are better at using  their social capabilities, such as communication, morality  and defining problems. In contrast, computers, algorithms  and AI are stronger at hard skills, which require problem  solving and analytics. Sometimes AI is even perceived as  a threat to human leadership as more and more tasks can  be taken over by AI. Whether you are a leader, manager  or employee, we all have to learn to be enhanced by AI  instead of worrying about being replaced by it. How can we  learn to use AI to augment leadership and business? What  should AI be used for and, more importantly, what not?