Purpose beyond profits

The future of leadership is elevating business through  humanity. Expectations from leaders are evolving. Currently,  revenue, expansion and short-termism are being prioritised  without accounting for the true impact on our society and  natural resources. This mindset is changing, as there is  purpose beyond profits. Especially younger consumers feel  that leaders should use their power to make a net positive  impact and care about issues that will not directly affect  the company’s bottom line. A redesigned role of leaders  is in progress, as sustainability, diversity, inclusivity and  ethics are demanded by stakeholders: companies have to  take a stance! Ultimately, the challenge for companies and  their leaders is to include all three Ps: People, Planet and  Profit. Companies want to ‘do the right thing’, but also keep  growing economically. Achieving this sometimes requires  hard decisions which must be made in a human way, which  can be quite complex. Leaders have to take responsibility  for the company’s overall impact. While CEO and company  activism is an increasingly occurring phenomenon, taking  a stand is not always without consequences, especially  when it comes to societal issues. How can companies  manage the balance of People, Planet and Profit, and  can this be done without a trade-off? How can leaders  effectively take a stand to go after purpose beyond profit?