About us

Iris de Vries

Hi everyone! My name is Iris de Vries, I’m 22 years old and I am the Chairman of this year’s EBF Conference Board. I grew up in Oosterhout, a town in the lovely South of the Netherlands but then I moved to North, where I really enjoyed Groningen student life. Besides studying I participated in all kind of activities, varying from field hockey and ballet, to singing and painting and, when I get the chance, some skiing and surfing. Also, I became an active member at EBF in 2017 at the Winter School Committee, which was a great experience.

I finished my Bachelor Business Administration at the University of Groningen for which I got the chance to go on exchange to Spain. After this exchange, I got the taste to travel more so, last year I explored the amazing continent of South America participating in volunteering projects with AIESEC. Very soon after my return to the Netherlands I started my Master Marketing Management, and then the board year at EBF Conference of 2019 came along!

As chairman I have to make sure that everybody is working in the same direction, and jump in where extra help is needed. Being chairman of this board is a great experience because it allows me to be closely involved with every function, which makes my tasks very diverse. In addition to this, my function means that I am the point of contact for the different boards that give advice and supervision. I consider it a unique opportunity to work with such an ambitious team of fellow board members and our heroes of the Day Organisation. I am already thrilled for the Conference on the 3rd and 4th of October and hope to see you all there!