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CAPE Groep

At CAPE Groep we realize digital transformation, mainly for logistics, transport and supply chain companies. Digital transformation is a strategic instrument to achieve business goals, because a sound digital transformation approach results in competitive advantages and optimal processes. Together with our customers we develop low-code applications and integrations to achieve this.

Our organization continues to grow. At the moment, we employ around 100 employees in our offices in Enschede, where we are rooted, and Utrecht. With pride, we work for companies such as PostNL, BAM, DHL, Farm Trans, and many more.

Your possibilities at CAPE as a student or graduate:

  • Parttime job: acquire relevant experience in the field;
  • Thesis project: in our innovation department we always have sufficient thesis projects ready to be executed! Often times, the developed prototypes are actually put into practice.
  • Traineeship Business Consultant: in a 1,5 year journey, we combine your skills with supplementary training in our own Academy. We help you become a fantastic Business Consultant, whilst you receive a full wage.

As a (Trainee) Business Consultant at CAPE, you will be at the customer’s site with your team for the greater part of the week, to work on your projects. On Fridays everyone returns to ‘the base’ to share stories and knowledge during our Social Friday. Our company is young, ambitious and enthusiastic: we ensure a right balance between working hard and having a good time!

We believe in the knowledge and expertise of our employees and we maximize your freedom to determine your own path and take initiatives, we’d even be glad if you did! We believe in learning by doing: it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from it.

Are you ready for a new challenge, curious and do you want to work on impactful solutions, in an informal working environment in which colleagues are always there for each other?

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Workshop information

A true case study: Lars in Australia and his backpack in New York.

Meet Lars. Lars is a real bon vivant. His dream, in addition to working at CAPE Groep, was to make a backpacking trip through Australia. After obtaining his master’s degree, the time has finally come, his journey could begin! Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic blocked his plans and he had to postpone his trip.

-------- Two years later -------

At last, normal life began to start up again and his planned trip to Australia could continue. Lars had already worked his way up as a real consultant at CAPE, but was able to take a sabbatical to fulfil his dream. His flight to Australia was booked and his backpack packed. Ready to go!

The journey to Australia started great. Checking in his backpack at the airport went without a hitch and he made it through security without any delay. Once he arrived at Qatar for the stopover to his final destination, the trouble began. The flight to Australia was cancelled and he had to wait at the airport for 18 hours. Nothing could spoil the fun, because Australia was in sight.

-------- A day later -------

Once in Australia he went to the baggage pickup to collect his backpack, unfortunately it never came. After 3 hours of waiting he came to the conclusion that his backpack was lost. It turned out that his backpack had been left behind in Qatar and put on the wrong flight to New York. Getting his backpack back could take a week. Since Lars was not staying at the same location for than 1 to 2 days, he was not able to provide the airport with a shipping address for his backpack. In addition, mobile accessibility is limited in the outback. Lars wants his backpack back quickly, without any disruption of his plans.

The airport asked you, a Business Consultant, to find the best solution to reunite Lars and his beloved backpack, so he finally can continue his dream journey in Australia.

Think out of the box and be critical

Ask the right questions

Brainstorm – draw the process – prepare a pitch

We’ll show you the actual solution we developed for this case