We are Finanxe

The best and nicest customers look for the best and nicest people. That's us.

We are Finance. A vibrant community of talents and outstanding professionals in finance. You grow faster with us. This is where you take the next step in your career. From young talents to leaders who determine the future. Your personal and professional development are paramount. Our Academy provides the best training courses, completely customized to your needs. That, you can count on. Together we make the difference for the most exciting clients. Here we make an impact by adding rock-solid value every day, as a professional and as a person, with the ability to think and go further. That's why we are the best.

Start your career in the Young Talent Program

And grow faster

Immediately after your studies, start a job in which your development is key. We understand that you do not yet know exactly what you want to do. Get to know employers in the region and develop yourself at lightning speed, both professionally and personally. In the Young Talent Program you will work for a renowned organization and you will follow a varied personal development program focused on soft skills and hard skills. This combination means that you will grow into a professionally mature finance professional in no time. Enrollment is possible at any time and the program lasts one year.

Find out what suits you

And get ready for the future

At the start of your career, it is important that you discover what suits you, who you are and how your qualities and ambitions come into their own the most. Where do your strengths lie, how can you be of added value to an organization and where can you still develop yourself? After the Young Talent Program you will have answers to these questions and you will know which next step you want to take. You are not doing this alone. Our HR advisors provide personal coaching and will monitor you. Because growing is something you do together and together you make more of an impact. In addition, you will be paired with a senior Finance professional who will be your mentor throughout the year. And ofcourse, you have every opportunity to promote to an Interim Finance Professional.

What’s in it for you?

  • A one year contract at Finanxe with interesting primary and secondary benefits
  • Working in the region with leading clients
  • Personal coaching
  • Career opportunities
  • A valuable finance network which you will also experience the benefits of

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