Ten Stripes

Ten Stripes

Who we are:

We are one of the 200 marketing agencies in Groningen. But we are different.

Ten Stripes strives for a new economy, an economy that is digital, sustainable and circulair. We love to combine making a positive impact on the environment and human capital while doing profitable business.

It's our mission to make the new economy bigger than the traditional economy. We'll make it happen by helping our clients with data driven storytelling. We create genuine and good stories via the right channels to the right people at the right moment. We only work with intrinsically motivated marketers who want to do the best for our clients and for our world. Do you want to join our amazing team? Click here :)

How we work with clients and what kind of talents we're looking for.

We're a fast growing marketing agency with a strong focus on our process. If you feel a fit in one of these jobs, don't hesitate to contact us for a job interview.

Strategy (mission, vision, core values and brand promise)

  • We need: Strategic Marketers

Storytelling (persona's, characters, storylines tone of voice)

  • We need: Storytellers

Impact Marketing (Theory of Change, measure impact)

  • We need: Impact Marketers

Data driven marketing (SEO, SEA, social media, CRO)

  • We need: Performance Marketers

Content marketing (copy, video, social media, podcasts)

  • We need: Content Marketers

Workshop information

Impact Marketing: Learn how to incorporate a company's impact on the SDG's in their strategy. You'll work on the impact strategy of a company of your choice (even your own!). After the workshop, you'll know how to increase a firm's value by applying the SDG's.

What will the workshop look like, you ask?

We'll start off with a brief introduction/refresher of impact entrepreneurship and the way in which it is increasingly manifesting itself in contemporary marketing. As a result of this trend, greenwashing is also a term that is receiving more and more attention.

This is where you come in. You'll learn how to set up a company's communication about the positive and negative impact they make in order to engage a company's stakeholders and (potential) clients, based on a proven method that is starting to be used more and more around the world.

So, after the workshop you will have learned a valuable strategic skill and know more about the way in which to communicate about a company's impact in an interesting, engaging and true manner.

We're looking forward to seeing you!

Enthusiastic regards,

Ten Stripes