Tuur Elzinga


Tuur Elzinga (1969) has been the elected chairman of the Dutch trade union (FNV) from 10th of March 2021. FNV is the Netherlands' largest trade union and represents just under 1 million people. From his student days, Tuur has been socially involved and, for example, helped people with their rent rights as a volunteer. After a propaedeutic course in physics and astronomy, he studied political science at the University of Amsterdam until political practice took over from studies. He started working as a staffer for the socialistic pary, for which he was later a senator.

As president of the FNV, Tuur works hard every day for decent work and a fair distribution of work and income - now and in the future. He is committed to a more social & better Netherlands. And, of course, for a strong trade union. Because we can only get things done together.