Arie Koornneef - CEO ASN Bank


Arie Koornneef has been managing director of ASN Bank since 2017. This sustainable bank's customer base is growing rapidly. Internationally, the bank is making an impact by leading by example as a sustainable booster in the three pillars of its sustainability policy: climate, biodiversity and human rights.  

Arie describes himself as a connector who likes to think and act. Previously, he served on the board of SNS, also part of Volksbank. Before that, he worked for a number of years at NGOs. First at Youth for Christ, then at Simavi. 

His personal ambition is to make sustainable banking accessible and attractive to everyone. Accessible by offering clear, understandable products. And attractive by showing that sustainable banking generates financial and social returns. Because the more customers commit to ASN Bank, the more impact the bank can make to build a sustainable and just society.