Daan Grasveld

Daan Grasveld

Co-founder The Urban Jungle Project


Daan has extensive experience in various commercial positions across different sectors. After finishing his media & entertainment bachelor degree, Daan started his career in the music industry at Sony Music, coordinating the international roll-out of artist campaigns for Mr Probz, Passenger and several other artists. 


He founded a start-up called Popped, funded by Sony, to develop a mood-based and personalised radio experience for casual music listeners. Although the start-up eventually failed for various reasons, his learnings and experiences brought him to online supermarket Picnic, where he was responsible for the roll-out of new cities in the Netherlands and Germany and commercial negotiations with suppliers. 


Eventually Daan founded his current company The Urban Jungle Project in 2020, pursuing a mission to reconnect people with nature and increase our quality of life in cities by developing urban jungles. Their lightweight and modular innovations enable trees, shrubs and perennials to be placed on almost any location such as roofs, balconies and squares where construction load capacity of underground space is constrained. A purpose-driven family business, combining commercial and environmental profit with the goal of making a positive impact in our urban environments.