Jort Wildschut

Jort Wildschut, CCO SEA Water™
Jort Wildschut (35) is the founder of creative agency Wolfstreet, art platform Amsterdam Ferry Festival, and innovative water brand SEA Water™. In addition to his businesses, he is a fanatical swimmer, surfer and father to be of two daughters.

Jort studied business administration at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). After his bachelor's degree in 2014, he was faced with a choice: continue studying or start working right away. He opted for the latter and that summer, he found himself at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity via a pitch by Young Dogs, a foundation that creates opportunities for young talent in the advertising industry. Full of inspiration, Jort founded Wolfstreet that same year. Wolfstreet works for clients such as ASML, Picnic, Vinted, Adyen, and Just Eat He currently fulfills the role of Creative Partner.

Due to his business background, Jort has the ability to realize creative ideas in an effective way. In 2018, this resulted in the birth of the Amsterdam Ferry Festival. During the year, Amsterdam Ferry Festival showcases effective and inspiring art, performances and photography on the ferries of Amsterdam.


At the end of 2021, Jort and his brother Tammo founded SEA Water™, a Dutch water brand that sustainably converts seawater into high-quality drinking water. With SEA Water™ the brothers give shape to their personal mission to be part of a solution for increasing water scarcity, worldwide. Their cans have been sold in Albert Heijn, Jumbo and PLUS since May 2023 and the start-up will be rolled out in Morocco later this year. As CCO, Jort is responsible for the commercial side of things.