Marlies Tousain

Marlies Tousain  

What if all brands and companies use their power as a force for good? 

Marlies is a positive activist and strong believer that business can boost societal & environmental change. 

As founder of Impact Companions, leadership coach and boardroom advisor, Marlies understands the importance of teaming up for impact. It drives her to translate authentic power into actual actions.

This way, she guides leaders and brands in the transition to turn purpose into practice.

In different commercial (executive) positions, Marlies gained experience in the Champions League of major FMGC brands (e.g. Red Bull, Unilever, Heineken). Furthermore, she is involved in many organizations on the rise, NGO’s and fast-growing start-ups. 


Her urge for more authenticity and spirit in the board room motivated Marlies to start her own business. This professional change came as a result of a personal one. The enthusiasm, inner drive and uniqueness that had led her to the top had disappeared over time. Because, despite the amazing experiences she had, the corporate working environment felt more and more like an oppressive, plastic wrap to her. Marlies experienced at firsthand how hard it is to keep your spirits up and stay true to your personal strengths and energies in a rigid system.

Tousain specialised in helping business leaders to overcome similar downwards spirals and keep the spirit alive to approach business as a force for good. Now, she assists frontrunners in the transition to a new system; one with a positive impact on nature and society, one with purpose-driven growth, one with authentic leaders who inspire others with their actions.


Marlies holds 2 master degrees from the Radboud University Nijmegen. In both business administration and communication.