Tom Jessen

Tom Jessen stands as one of the most highly regarded event hosts in the Netherlands, renowned for his captivating presence and exceptional ability to engage audiences. With a career spanning over a decade, Tom has established himself as a true master of ceremonies, seamlessly guiding events of all sizes with his personality and professional finesse.

Not only a distinguished host, but Tom is also a familiar voice in the world of podcasting. Many listeners know him as the co-host of the popular "Maarten van Rossem - De Podcast." With his insightful interviews and thoughtful commentary, Tom has become a key figure in the podcasting landscape, enriching discussions on a variety of topics.

His journey into the spotlight began with a passion for communication and a knack for creating memorable experiences. Tom's innate ability to connect with diverse audiences has earned him a reputation as a go-to host for corporate functions, conferences, and special occasions. His natural charm, combined with a keen sense of humor, ensures that every event he hosts becomes an unforgettable experience for attendees of EBF Conference.