Kim Liebregts

Kim Liebregts, Country Director for Tesla Benelux, was the keynote speaker of the EBF Conference 2017. Tesla is strongly driven by its mission and is therefore not just a car producer; it is a technology and design company with a focus on energy innovation. During her keynote speech Kim she introduced the students to the world of Tesla.

Kim Liebregts is the CEO of Tesla Benelux. She started her career in Tourism where much of her time was spend abroad at various locations in Europe. In 2011 she switched to the electrical vehicle industry. As an early adaptor she became responsible for the sale of Renault ZE products  for 8 locations. After 2 years of pioneering in the  electric automotive branch,  she decided to start working for Tesla, just before the launch of the Tesla Model S model in the Netherlands. After only 4 months as a store manager in Eindhoven, she became responsible for the sales in Benelux as Country Director.