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You indicated that you want to sign up as an non-EBF student for the Conference Day (4th of October) of the EBF Conference 2019. Click here to see the program of this day once more. We recommend to keep the program with you when filling in the form. 

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Enroll - Business & Economic Parallel

After the two plenary keynotes, you will either attend the Business parallel or the Economic parallel. These parallels can be adjusted to your personal preference. 

Enroll - (Recruitment) Lunch

PLEASE NOTE: The recruitment lunch is CV-selected. When selected for a recruitment lunch, it is mandatory to attend the selected lunch. If you are not present, a fine of €30,- will be distributed.

Enroll - Workshops/Masterclasses

After the lunch, you will either attend a workshop or the masterclasses. These program elements can be adjusted to your personal preference. Keep in mind that the workshops will be held at the same time as the masterclasses, so you can not attend both! 

PLEASE NOTE: The workshops have limited places and are CV-selected, so if you are NOT selected for a workshop, you will be automatically enrolled for the masterclasses instead. If you are selected for a workshop, it is mandatory to attend the selected workshop. If you are not present, a fine of €30,- will be distributed.

Enroll - (Recruitment) Dinner

PLEASE NOTE: The dinner at the Martinikerk has limited places and the recruitment dinners are CV-selected. When selected for either a general or recruitment dinner, it is mandatory to attend the dinner. Please inform us on time when you are not able to attend the dinner in case you are selected, otherwise a fine of €30,- will be charged when you are not present.

CV Upload

Please upload your CV if you have chosen one of the CV selected program elements above (workshops, recruitment lunch, recruitment dinner). If you choose not to upload your CV now, you can mail it until the 27th of September 2019, 23:59 to Keep in mind that your CV must be anonymised to be valid!

Bank information

Please provide below the bank information of the account you would like to use for paying the €30,- fine in case you do not show up at the workshop, recruitment lunch and/or recruitment dinner you are selected for. 

NOTE: After submitting the form, you still need to pay the participation fee via iDeal or Creditcard.

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