EBF Conference Board recruitment


The application for the EBF Conference Executive Board 2024 is closed!

EBF Conference responsibilities include contacting speakers, acquiring companies and arranging the day organisation. Together with your fellow members you will have a great time organising the EBF Conference. You will gain many new experiences, make new friends, and develop yourself in a professional way.

Within the EBF Conference Executive Board, there are six positions:

  • Chairman
  • *Vice Chairman / Theme & Speakers/ Public Relations II
  • Treasurer / Commercial Relations II
  • Commercial Relations I
  • *Public Relations I
  • Logistics / Theme & Speakers

* These positions are open for international students as well!

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If you have any questions about the EBF Conference Executive Board, the different positions or if you would like to have a coffee with one of the current board members, you can always send an email or message to one of us.

You can sign up on the EBF Website!