Are you pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree in accounting, business economics, business administration, tax law, or tax economics, or did you just graduate? Do you want to work at a successful organisatoin where a great work atmosphere is just as important to you? Then become a working student, graduate student, or starter at BDO!

This is BDO.

BDO is the place to truly excel in your field. With 26,000 professionals, BDO is large enough to offer opportunities and small enough to create them. Working at BDO means:

  • A lot of freedom and responsibility with early client interaction.

  • Immediate exposure to a diverse client portfolio, rather than just one client or industry.

  • Receiving top-notch guidance to become an all-round financial professional.

  • The opportunity to pursue your RA or AA title part-time alongside your job.

Your opportunities as a graduate student: you can conduct your thesis or research project with us and work on client assignments. For your thesis, you'll have a BDO "buddy" who recently completed a master's thesis themselves.

Your opportunities as a working student: as a working student, you'll work under the guidance of experienced colleagues as a full-fledged team member in one of our departments. It's the ideal way to discover if you enjoy the work and if BDO is the right fit for you.

Your opportunities as a starter: Just graduated? You'll receive excellent guidance at BDO. You can continue your studies part-time, receive training and courses from the BDO Academy, and, specifically for BDO employees under 31, there's Jong BDO.

Will we see you soon?

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Workshop information:

Join our workshop to step into the role of an auditor. During this workshop you will delve into a case study to apply your knowledge and explore the key aspects of this profession, guided by experienced BDO auditors.

Connect with BDO's audit team as they lead you through the essential stages of business exploration, risk analysis, and audit approach. Engage in a discussion regarding the preservation of your independence and the response to potential fraud indicators. Discover the significant value auditors bring to both clients and society at large. Get ready for an interactive session!

This workshop will be conducted in Dutch