Who are we?
The Groningen-based Belsimpel, founded in 2008, has since grown into a major player in the telecom world. With a close team of more than 600 motivated, energetic and smart students and professionals, together we are changing the Mobile World. We are not a provider, we are not a shop and we are not a search engine. We are a way: a Methodâ„¢ to find what suits the customer best when it comes to mobile telephony.

What do we do?
It is our mission to change the market. We can call over 1.4 million Dutch people customers of Belsimpel and we are growing fast every year (408 million turnover in 2020). That means more customers that we want to make happy. But it doesn't stop there: Belsimpel is already the largest online telecom retailer in the Netherlands. We offer millions of combinations of phones, hardware and accessories and we want to make customers all over Europe happy. That is why we are fully in the process of internationalisation! Due to this rapid growth, we are constantly looking for new talent at our headquarters in the centre of Groningen.

Will you take up this challenge with us?
Working at a young, fast-growing company with the ambition to change the Mobile World: not only in the Netherlands, but in the whole of Europe. During your part-time job or as a starter at Belsimpel, you can really make a difference and your development will be the focus. This can be a job in the field of marketing, data analysis, finance or one of our other departments. Or maybe our management traineeship will suit you! You can find all our vacancies on

Workshop information

With Groningen's down-to-earth approach at its forefront and 400 million in turnover by 2020, Belsimpel is the fastest growing telecom company in the Netherlands. A team of 600 highly educated and fanatical colleagues goes to extremes 7 days a week to conquer the Mobile World. Our way to conquer that Mobile World? The Besimpel Method! You can still feel the start-up mentality during many get-togethers and outings, but by now Belsimpel has grown into a large and professional company. We do things differently: we help our customers to find what really suits them in the most efficient way. With us you will find the answer to your telecom question and we get a kick out of solving the difficult puzzle for you. And as an employer, we only go for the most clever and fanatical people. To always be able to come up with the best solution for both the customer and colleagues, we do everything ourselves: building the website, our marketing and also the purchase of more than 1 million smartphones per year. On the Grote Markt in the heart of Groningen you will find the office where - apart from the 7 stores - everything takes place. All disciplines can be found here, from Marketing to Finance, Development to Operations: not just customer service but even the warehouse. Everything under one roof to run a flat, but enormously efficient organisation. By doing everything smarter, we become a little better every day. With a drive to beat ourselves every day, we have a culture where we always want to win!

Belsimpel: Going International! As a company from Groningen, Belsimpel has long been a nationally established name in the telecom sector. Of course, that's not enough: we want to conquer the Mobile World! That's why we went international. But if you want to do that, you have to do it right. What does that actually entail? For all the different fields of study that fall under the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, this poses an interesting question. Just think of Marketing: how do you market your brand or how do you promote it? Do you do that in the same way as you are used to or differently? Will you choose a different name? You may also have to deal with other partners, such as marketing channels, as well as other providers and manufacturers. Other departments are also working on internationalisation. Business Development is looking into changing platforms and processes: how are we going to deliver abroad as quickly as possible, for example? Finance, too, must first do a lot of research. What about the financial organisation and taxes in the target country? As a student, you get the assignment to make a plan for the internationalisation of Belsimpel. Do you have what it takes? Will you really conquer the mobile world with us? For both full-time and part-time opportunities, please visit: