Who are we

Belsimpel is part of the Gomibo Group. A group of companies founded in Groningen which share one common goal: Giving people easy access to the digital world. Our head office is in the heart of Groningen, where all companies are located and where currently more than 700 colleagues work. In 2020 we made the step to the rest of the European market under the brand name Gomibo and now we ship to 30 European countries. With a turnover of 420 million in 2021, we are already market leader in the Netherlands. We offer our customers millions of combinations of phones, hardware and accessories. Next to this, we offer our technology and software services to telecom and internet providers, via Gomibo Saas (Software as a service). We are constantly improving our digital ecosystem that connects users with telecom providers, products and services. More and more companies asked us to use parts of our software, as they themselves were struggling with digitalization. By offering this more people can experience an highly efficient online and offline telecom experience.

Will you take on this challenge with us?

We are constantly looking for improvement. In our service, on the website and in the logistics process. As Belsimpel is constantly evolving, you’ll be able to grow within the company. This means you’ll face a steep learning curve and your work will directly impact the entire company. We have many suitable challenges for students of the faculty of Economics and Business: whether you’re for example following a Marketing, Management, HRM, Finance or Supply Chain related study, we’ve got opportunities for you! Put theory into practice and help improve Belsimpel by cultivating our brand positioning or analysing and optimising our logistical and purchasing processes. Love solving complex puzzles every day and want to be part of our winning spirit? We have plenty of study related parttime and fulltime positions. Not sure what you’re looking for? Follow one of our Traineeships! 

Workshop information

Since 2021, Groningen-based Belsimpel has been using its international brand name Gomibo, in order to ship phones and accessories to 30 European countries, and sales continue to rise. However, our business model is largely based on contracts, which are not offered abroad yet, except in Germany. Selling contracts can only be achieved with a partnership with a provider, as Gomibo itself does not operate a network. In this case, you will do market research to find out which provider has the most potential for a partnership, and you are challenged to make a plan to build this partnership.