The HEINEKEN Company

Get a taste of the dynamic at HEINEKEN. HEINEKEN is one of the world's leading beer brewers, with brands available in 190 countries around the world. We are a proud, independent, international brewer that seeks to surprise and inspire consumers around the world. We value passion for quality, enjoyment of life, respect for people and our planet.

Consumers around the world can enjoy our brands. In addition to the international most valuable premium brand Heineken, our portfolio includes more than 250 brands including: Amstel, Brand, Desperados and Birra Moretti. In addition, HEINEKEN is the world's largest producer of cider produces soft drinks such as Rivella, Sourcy and Crystal Clear. HEINEKEN remains innovative on all fronts. Both in products and in our company and production processes. That's why there are so many challenges for all disciplines: from Engineering and Logistics to Commerce, Finance, IT and HR.

Through our "Brewing a Better World" Program, we create real and sustainable value for all our stakeholders: for our people and communities in which we operate, for the environment and ensure a positive impact of the role of beer in society. We want to use our position as the world's most international brewer to contribute to positive change and the creation of a more livable world.

Workshop information:

How can we use our superstar brand Texels to achieve our digital goals?

Heineken has the ambition to become the best connected brewer. This year our focus is on ensuring all our Horeca customers (B2B) order online. Our customers are traditional bar owners that are not so digital savvy yet. How can we use our superstar brand Texels to achieve our digital goals? Want to help solve this challenge and accelerate Heineken's digital journey? Join our case! 

How to prepare?

- Create a Chatgpt 3.5 or 4.0 account

- Taste one of our amazing Texels (0.0) beers

- Have a good conversation about our Texels beer(s) with a bar owner