The world is yours at KLM

At KLM a world of opportunities lies at your feet. Whether you work on board up in the skies or with both feet firmly on the ground: every day there’s something new to see, learn and discover! We'll challenge you to not only see the possibilities but to grab them with both hands too, resulting in you getting the best out of yourself and making the most of your career.

The diversity of jobs and professions within KLM means there’s a good chance that you'll find something that suits you. It really is up to you to identify the possibilities and seize them with both hands.

Climb to great heights at KLM

There are endless possibilities for interns and trainees at KLM. Nowhere else is there such a diversity of departments, people and projects. Whether you have technical/IT ambitions, dream of a director's role or want to delve into the depths of Finance: at KLM you'll find plenty of room for growth. Both professionally and personally. 

Next generation innovative directors

We're looking for the next generation innovative managers. KLM has been a pioneer in aviation and the Dutch economy for more than 100 years. You, too, have the drive to innovate and improve, for example, in the field of sustainability and the manner in which we work together. Your checklist: a modern view of the world, a keen mind and a personal touch. Three unmissable qualities to navigate the future together with us. Do you have what it takes? Who knows, maybe your career will soon start at full speed at KLM!

Workshop information:

As you may know, KLM has operated flights between Amsterdam and Rome for a very long time. However... In a press release this morning KLM learned that 2 new (low-cost) airlines will start operating new flights on this route. In an interactive case (that contains actual data and information), you will step into the shoes of a manager of KLM's Pricing & Revenue Management department. Together with your team, you will design a proposal for the best market response. How much revenue is at stake? And how to save it? Eyes are on you..