Randstad Groep Nederland is the world's largest HR service provider. For over 60 years, we have been connecting people and work. With our workforce of 4500 colleagues we are here for our clients, for the talent we are always searching for, and for our own employees. And, of course, for society. With our brands Randstad, Yacht, Tempo-Team, and BMC, we are collaborating to shape the future of work in the Netherlands.

Becoming your best self and helping others do the same. That's the foundation of a traineeship at Randstad Group Netherlands. We empower talented newcomers, guiding them to evolve into unique leaders of the future. Unique because diversity matters. And unique because everyone works, communicates, and leads in their own distinctive way.

Through a challenging program featuring intensive guidance and a weekly ''denktank'', we work together to ensure that you, as an ambitious starter, develop to your fullest potential within 2.5 years. By participating in the weekly ''denktank'', where you dive into organizational challenges alongside your fellow trainees, you'll increasingly discover what your talents are and where you want to develop yourself even more. At Randstad Groep Nederland is a lot of focus on your personal development and empowering your talents. This way, you work towards your professional growth and goals.

Visit www.werkenbijrandstad.nl/traineeships for more information, and who knows, we might welcome you as our new colleague soon. 

Workshop information: Exploring the Future of Work: Navigate, Innovate, and Win with Randstad Groep Nederland

Imagine stepping into the role of a labor market explorer during our exciting workshop hosted by Randstad Groep Nederland! Join us for a journey through the dynamic world of work, where we'll piece together the elements of the labor market and explore the impact of important issues. First, we will introduce you to our company, and then it's your turn to shine with your team. Together, you'll tackle a challenging case packed with trends, for example the digitalization of the workforce, labor shortages and reskilling. We're challenging you to help shape the future of work. Plus, there's a chance to win a prize for the most innovative solutions! Let's work together to make work even better!