This year's theme

Just like waves, change never stops. Capturing the oceans of opportunity that come with change can feel quite  intimidating, yet when you ride the wave the right way it can become a source of competitive advantage. No two waves are exactly the same and the increased interconnectedness of our world helps spread change  faster than ever before. To be able to thrive, anticipating and committing to change is key. It is inevitable that companies will struggle in dealing with this continuously, but those that are able to adapt will rise to the top. We have seen how companies now collaborate with their rivals, how leaders are pushed to make a net positive impact and how artificial intelligence along with innovation play an increasingly bigger role in whether or not companies survive and thrive. These waves of change pose major challenges, but the potential gains far outweigh the risks. It is essential that leaders embrace both the challenges and opportunities that originate from guiding their organisation through changing times. If a leader is equipped to do this successfully, these organisations will thrive in the world of tomorrow. How can companies prevent change from overwhelming them? How can opportunities be turned into advantages?

The sub themes:

Purpose beyond profitsMan vs. MachineCo-opetition: cooperation with the competitorSurvival of the fittest