Last year's theme

Like Churchill once said:‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’. Although Churchill used this quote in a political context, it can be applied to every kind of crisis. Organisations, politicians, and also individuals face many crises, which bring threats but also provide opportunities. These opportunities can arise both during and after the crisis and require us to rethink, relearn and replan. During those critical times, it is important to keep developing and to discover your hidden innovation to survive and benefit from the opportunities that arise. It also forces organisations to change their leadership strategies and adapt their leadership style to the situation. Times of crises provide unique opportunities for organisations to rethink or replan their organisational strategy and their business model. What is the best way to deal with a crisis? And more importantly, how can they emerge stronger from a crisis?

The sub themes:

Discover Your Hidden Innovation, What it takes to be a CEO in the 2020s, Slowbalisation: The New Globalisation, CSR: The Modern Business Model