This year's theme

Our world is constantly changing, but the pace of change has increased exponentially over the years. It took the telephone 50 years to be in the homes of the first 50 million customers. Decades later, it took the Internet only 7 years to obtain their first 50 million users. The world is moving faster and entering a new era comes with new business challenges. Changing trends will exert pressure on firms operating in the current economy. The volume, velocity and variety of data are continuously increasing, cash is leaving our wallets and society, business is shifting from West to East and with the increasing growth of the population, we need to feed more people today with fewer resources. These trends force companies to reconsider their strategies and business models. New developments introduce great conveniences and benefits, but they also present new threats, not experienced before. For companies to survive in our competitive economy, a new approach to business strategies might be unavoidable. This will not only impact companies but also individuals and society as a whole. How will change affect our lives and how do we deal with it? And how can we unlock the potential that these changes offer?

The sub themes:

Big Data  Going Cashless