Last year's theme

International integration created endless opportunities, but simultaneously caused an unavoidable interdependency with a vulnerability for everyone that is part of the global ecosystem. What happens in one country inevitably affects what happens in another country, continuously changing fields of business, economics, politics, culture and environment. Value chains have become scattered all over the world, which created many possibilities to innovate and differentiate from competitors. Consequences of this far-reaching globalisation has brought many advantages and disadvantages to the world. This worldwide web of international trade increased complexity, raising questions about transparency, responsibility and trade policies. Current business leaders and politicians are forced to make important trade-offs between collective and individual interests to adapt to our increasing global and digital world. Considering the future, what direction should international cooperation take to achieve the best for profit, people and planet? Should we embrace the connection or prefer disconnection?

Managing global trade   Doing well by doing good   New economic thinking

Intrapreneurship: Innovative minds within corporates